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A Woman’s World is a program offered at the Verde Valley Guidance that serves women with co-occurring disorders in the Northern Arizona Behavioral Health Authority (NARBHA) region. We treat women who are designated as SMI (seriously mentally ill) who also suffer from additions to drugs and alcohol.

We accept referrals from all agencies under the NARBHA umbrella. Once a client is referred to our program we use ASAM (American Society for Addiction Medicine) and other criteria to determine client eligibility. Clients must meet all the financial eligibility requirements of this program.


We support the clients gaining continuous sobriety, addressing their mental health issues and dealing with physical health problems while on this unit. Our program takes a whole person approach to treatment. Many of the women have issues based on traumatic life experiences that they can safely deal with on this unit among other women. Our length of stay varies based on client’s need, however the average length of stay is approximately 4 months. The residents form a community working together; they learn to accept themselves and others while healing from their addictions and mental illnesses. The program supports acceptance and helps to eradicate the sense of stigma often felt by people with mental health or addictive disorders.